Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh the weather outside it frightful!

This year I have gone Christmas ornament crazy! I just can't help myself. They are all so pretty and they bring me joy!! LOL I haven't actually started decorating yet. I'm giving my Thanksgiving decorations a chance. Ü We will decorate in 2 weeks. That's a week early because we'll be out of town Thanksgiving weekend (woo hoo to all you SC folks!) I'm chomping at the bit to do it. Sam and I have been going back and forth over where to put the armoire in the kitchen for December (that's where the tree goes). We bought a slightly smaller tree this year b/c last year our humongous one was a joke. It took up half the kitchen...almost literally. The new tree in prelit, so Sam is excited. I'm not the only excited one...someone on our street has already put their lights up and is turning them on! I've so far resisted turning on the carols only b/c I'm afraid that I'll be sick of it before Christmas actually gets here. I did that with Halloween. We decorated the middle of September, and by October 31 I was so over Halloween! So happy beginning of the holiday season to all you out there who like me are ready to deck them halls!
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