Wednesday, April 21, 2010


You should be so lucky to be in cub scouts! One of my new church responsibilities is to oversee cub scouts. Man has that been a brain overload! It is totally different than Activity Day girls!! However, if you ever get the chance to work with the boys it's totally fun! I had to take a picture of this marshmallow catapult that Sam built with the Webelos! Come on, where else do you get to shoot marshmallows! The Pinewood Derby is next week, I'll be sure to take pictures of all the cute things we do then!
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A big mixed catch up post

Ok so here's what I've been up to these last few months. We'll start out with what I've been doing this Spring. Here is my flower garden. It started the spring as an empty spot of dirt. With the help of my very good friend and resident flower expert, Mandy, I planted a bunch of bulbs and a few Clemson colored annuals. Go Tigers! Here is the first tulip to bloom! I was so excited!!

Here is my hanging flower pot. I love how pretty and pink it is. The butterfly used to be on the top of a bird feeder, but a stupid squirrel knocked it off last fall trying to steal the food.

This is the beginning of my veggie garden. I have 2 kinds of lettuce already in and will be planning the rest shortly. This year I'm trying my hand a peas, greenbeans, mini-pumpkins and I had 1 carrot come up.

Ok, so here's my birthday pictures. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures from Sam's birthday, so you only get mine. Are you shocked at how pink it is?? I had a small group of friends come over, and we rocked out to the Beatles' Rock Band!
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Coming Soon...

Ok, so I realized the other day that since I disbanded craft group (ok, so people stopped coming) I haven't really made anything. Never fear! With my new toys (serger and cricut YEA!) there are some projects rolling around in my head. Stay tuned as new stuff is on the way!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ooh Shiny!

Ok, so I had a total ADD moment in Primary today. I was teaching my first sharing time in forever. I split the kids up and gave each group a word strip with missing words. They were to look up the scriptures and fill in the missing words for each strip. This doesn't really take any involvement from me for a couple of minutes. While I was waiting, a child came in late with her mom and needed to be sent on to class. I took her down to class and saw that they were coloring the finger puppets I had used in the earlier lesson. I ran down and grabbed her a puppet pack to color with her class. Then I sort of meandered down the hall, looking at my watch wondering if I was time to knock on doors to give the teachers their 5 minute warning when it hit me...I'm supposed to be teaching right now!!! We all had a good laugh over my Ooh Shiny moment!!