Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A big mixed catch up post

Ok so here's what I've been up to these last few months. We'll start out with what I've been doing this Spring. Here is my flower garden. It started the spring as an empty spot of dirt. With the help of my very good friend and resident flower expert, Mandy, I planted a bunch of bulbs and a few Clemson colored annuals. Go Tigers! Here is the first tulip to bloom! I was so excited!!

Here is my hanging flower pot. I love how pretty and pink it is. The butterfly used to be on the top of a bird feeder, but a stupid squirrel knocked it off last fall trying to steal the food.

This is the beginning of my veggie garden. I have 2 kinds of lettuce already in and will be planning the rest shortly. This year I'm trying my hand a peas, greenbeans, mini-pumpkins and I had 1 carrot come up.

Ok, so here's my birthday pictures. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures from Sam's birthday, so you only get mine. Are you shocked at how pink it is?? I had a small group of friends come over, and we rocked out to the Beatles' Rock Band!
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