Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ooh Shiny!

Ok, so I had a total ADD moment in Primary today. I was teaching my first sharing time in forever. I split the kids up and gave each group a word strip with missing words. They were to look up the scriptures and fill in the missing words for each strip. This doesn't really take any involvement from me for a couple of minutes. While I was waiting, a child came in late with her mom and needed to be sent on to class. I took her down to class and saw that they were coloring the finger puppets I had used in the earlier lesson. I ran down and grabbed her a puppet pack to color with her class. Then I sort of meandered down the hall, looking at my watch wondering if I was time to knock on doors to give the teachers their 5 minute warning when it hit me...I'm supposed to be teaching right now!!! We all had a good laugh over my Ooh Shiny moment!!

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