Saturday, April 19, 2008

Family Visit

My family came to visit for Spring Break. We had a great time visiting the church history sites, the KC Zoo, and Mom & I spent an afternoon at the Hallmark VC. On Friday, my Aunt Linda and cousin, Kelsey, came up to visit as well. Who knew you could comfortably fit 9 people in our house! We capped off the week by going to the T-Rex Cafe. If any of you have ever seen The Rainforest Cafe, it's pretty much the same, but with a Dinosaur theme. The boys had a great time. Of course we forgot to bring a camera, so these pictures are off of my phone. The boys ordered a dino sized rice krispie treat that came with "paint", brushes and mini M&Ms to decorate their dinosaur. The girls ordered homemade s'mores. Mom, Dad and I shared a huge Chocolate Extinction, which Sam finished off after work. Yum!
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