Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Craft Group

As many of you know, I host our Ward's (church's) weekly craft group. This month we're decorating onesies! Today was our first effort. We did iron on transfers. They turned out sooooo cute!! I was so excited by how cute and yet so easy they were! I have to give credit to for their adorable artwork as well. I have 6 onesies left to and it's a good thing that my friend Melissa took the transfer sheets home, or I would have to buy more onesies for next weeks craft. Keep and eye out for more pictures of our decorating efforts. We're tie-dying, potato stamping & embroidering.

Our craft group with our finished products.
A close up of the fronts.
Of course, I had to decorate the backs too. More is never too much!!
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