Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nursery Inspirations

So, I'm sitting on the couch this morning, and TV is really boring!  Drew Carey was never destined to host The Price is Right!  Bleh!  So I started wandering around the internet and ended up on the Pottery Barn Kids page.  Of course I sucked Sam into looking at it with me...sorry Cerner, I promise he works most of the time, we'll call it a smoke break!  Anyhoo...I've picked 2 nurseries that I want to use as my inspiration to create our nursery!  I say inspiration, because I just can justify spending over $100 on a fitted sheet, crib sheet & crib skirt when there are so many free tutorials out there, and I can buy the fabric for less than that.  Especially when I want to splurge on an upholstered swivel rocking chair.  Sigh!  So comfortable! 

So here're the inspiration rooms. 
I'm not sure how to recreate the polka dots.  I'll have to look for fabric b/c I am not (repeat NOT) sewing individual circles on anything!  I'm not that crazy!! 
The boy bumper reminds me of a quilt I saw on a blog that was made from old shirts her husband had worn out.  I like the idea of using Sam's old shirts for something for the baby!

We won't find out what we're having until sometime in February, but you know me, I'm always planning ahead.  Whatcha think?

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loniab said...

I think they're both perfect - but I have to vote for the pink one. No offense to Sam's shirts - it's just the overload of pinkness that is ready to be shipped from my "closet of happydeals".