Monday, July 25, 2011

Junk Room to Nursery Transformation

With Evie coming, we had quite a bit of work transforming our storage/sewing room into a nursery. Almost everything in the room to begin with had to be stored somewhere else, sold in the yard sale, or given to charity. Sam wanted to document the whole thing. So I've made collages of each step. First is the dreaded before picture. M-E-S-S-Y!

Picking a crib set was not as easy as I had thought. By the time we found out we were having a girl, PB had discontinued the crib set I wanted, and ebay was no help in finding a decent one used. So I started my search over, looking for a new crib set that Sam & I agreed on. For two people who agree on most things, this was harder than I anticipated! We finally agreed on one, and even though the original tan walls would have matched just fine, Sam really wanted to paint. So we chose a pretty green for the walls. BTW, if you'd like to see the crib set, here's a link to a picture: Crib Set

Once the room was painted we could start bringing in the furniture, and it finally started to look like a baby's room. Sam repainted the doll cabinet white and replaced all the hardware. My favorite part are the green glass knobs that I found on clearance at Target. is what it looks like today. We're still not quite finished. There are some shelves that need to go on the wall. A few things on top of the dresser that need a home (although most of them will end up on a shelf.) I've picked out some curtains at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but I'm hoping that they will go on sale. Since she won't be living in her room right away, I'm holding out a bit longer for a sale. The curtains are pink with white swiss dots. I made the art work above her crib. My talented sister in law made the bows hanging from the ribbon. So now we wait. My due date is this Saturday. I'm talking to her about coming on Thursday. That day sounds good to me! LOL
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