Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spencer the Rocker!

Spencer has really enjoyed rocking out to Guitar Hero this week! He really gets into the songs. It's so cute!
Disclaimers on my camera work:
1. Sorry about the quality of the video, I took it with my camera & it was dark in the room (no video camera. if you want better quality videos, buy me a video camera!!! Ü)
2. I know it's sideways, but when I saved it up and down, it was so dark you couldn't really see anything. (once again, go with it our get me a video camera!! LOL)
3. I know it's 2 mins long, but he really starts getting into toward the end (there's even a foot change at about 1min and a half!) AND if you have good ears, he starts singing along toward the end too!
PS~If you're wondering, it's not him hamming it up for the camera either. He was doing it long before I got the camera out!

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